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IT Inkubator was founded by Max-Planck Innovation GmbH and the “Universität des Saarlandes Kontaktstelle für Wissens- und Technologietransfer GmbH” (Office for Knowledge and Technology Transfer of Saarland University) with the mission to help transform your ideas into digital products and disruptive businesses. Located within the StartUp Centre of the University of Saarland with its international research facilities, we are exactly where innovation within Information- and Communications-Technology happens. Our team is digital at heart: equipped with vast experiences in dynamic environments, we know how to build and drive technology-enabled business models.





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At the core of IT Inkubator sits our unique Incubation Program directly targeted at high-tech entrepreneurs. Having screened and analysed more than 100 StartUps and markets and having supported more 10+ teams in successfully launching and scaling their StartUps, we will help you overcome common obstacles when building a company and get everything set for take-off. No matter if you recently began thinking about starting a company or already identified your ideal Co-Founders - this modular program will equip you with the necessary skills, mindset, and knowledge to finally get going. Furthermore, your company will be provided with pre-seed funding in order to take away financial constraints until one of the renowned seed investors from our network supports you. Check out the details below or check out more details about our portfolio!




Teambuilding, ITI coaching and support of business partners to develop your proof of concept or product mock-up!

During this phase, we help you concretise your entrepreneurial plans. We take away last uncertainties, help you find and convince your ideal Co-Founders and connect you to first strategic partners. Furthermore, we support you in proving the feasibility and attractiveness of your idea and train you in topics such as project management or company building.



Product roadmap, target customers, agile and lean project management to build your MVP or prototype!

This phase is all about getting you ready for finally launching. We help you to develop and position your idea in the most beneficial way, equip you with useful tools and skills for your life as an entrepreneur (such as Leadership, Business Development, or Sales) and recruit key positions together. Furthermore, we help you to identify your ideal target group and refine your value proposition.




Cash and funding needs, preparation of investor materials, outreach to top-notch seed investors and legal support.

If you want your company or project to reach its full potential and grow big in a short amount of time, you will probably need more capital than you yourself can provide. Fortunately, there are a lot of external investors specialized in funding and working with tech-entrepreneurs – and we know how to convince them. Together, we will maximize your fundraising success.


Dr. Endre Palatinus

CEO and Co-Founder of d:AI:mond

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"The IT Inkubator has provided us all the support required to tackle the learning curve of B2B. They have paved the way for our success with internal and external mentoring, and by giving us access to their network."

Do you have an entrepreneurial idea that you just can't get out of your head? Do you want to collaborate closely with other innovators and founders, thereby maximising the success rate of your StartUp? Then apply now! We will get back to you soon. 



Do you want to digitise your established business or create an innovative digital product or service? Do you want to inject agile methods, rapid prototyping and "StartUp feeling" into your company? Do you want your company to attract the brightest business- and tech-talents?

Then collaborate with us! We have exactly what you need: an entrepreneurial and risk-free test-space for your ideas,  methodical knowledge and programming-power.



We make business futur-ready!




Our experience = Your advantage

Our team has vast experiences in both operative and strategic roles within the tech-

sector. Knowing both dynamic Startups and established global leaders, we represent

the ideal sparring partner for your company or project and will equip you with the latest tools in agile product- and project-management as well as company building. Check out our partners and advisors for more details on who we are!

Axel Koch

Managing Director

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Nina Schuhmacher

Project Coordination

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Sebastian Leber

Incubation Manager

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Matthias Eßling

Project Manager

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Are you passionate about Information Technology and StartUps? Do you want to support researchers in their transformation towards entrepreneurs and help them building groundbreaking companies? Then join us! We are always looking for young talents and experienced leaders - no matter if you're speaking business or tech.




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